November 15, 2014
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Seeing as many of you are tuning in and watching #TheWrestlers on The Amazing Race, we want to know whats been your favorite episode of The Amazing Race so far!

Please comment below so that we hear what episode you’ve enjoyed so far and you can also comment on your favorite moments of the whole series.

November 14, 2014
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This week, the teams head to Sicily and the Teatro di Verdura. Brooke and Robbie are the fifth team to depart.

When they arrive, the teams grab tambourines that symbolize their place in line and wait until morning to get their next clue.

Brooke and Robbie are with the second group, getting their clue at 6:40 am. The first big challenge appears to be getting a taxi, as there are none to be found.

The rest of the teams manage to find cabs, leaving Brooke and Robbie behind. The finally find one 40 minutes later, putting them far behind the pack.

When they eventually arrive at their destination, they find the leg’s roadblock. One team member must ride down a famed race course in a go kart. They’ll receive their next clue when they complete the course in under 4 minutes and 7 seconds.

Brooke takes the wheel. She and Robbie have made up a good amount of time, as some of their competition failed to pass the test in the first round and have to race again. They end up in a four-way race.

Brooke manages to fly past the rest of them and finish first, completing the challenge with 19 seconds to spare.

The teams ride back down the course in vintage Italian race cars, heading towards the leg’s detour. Unfortunately for Brooke, her ride isn’t exactly racing.

For the detours, teams can choose between recreating a painting on a ceiling while lying on a scaffold or observing opera singers and identifying their order by their costumes and the song they performed.

As only four teams can attempt the painting challenge, Brooke and Robbie choose the opera to avoid getting kicked out if they arrive at the other one too late.

They end up alongside the Sweet Scientists, and after both teams fail their first attempt, they decide to work together.

They knock out the challenge quickly and move on towards the leg’s pit stop.

Brooke and Robbie arrive at the pit stop, Villa Niscemi, in 4th place. This puts them ahead of two teams. Though, as this was a non-elimination leg, no team will be eliminated.

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November 14, 2014
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Tonight on The Amazing Race, the teams are still in Morocco. Right out of the gate, they must deliver hay to a stable, then drive a horse-drawn carriage to where they’ll find their car. Brooke and Robbie are fourth to depart, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have time to wrestle the hay…

When they get their car (a Ford Fiesta), they drive to a pottery stand and search for their next clue.

This clue directs them to this leg’s detour. They can choose to set up a traditional Berber tent to exact specifications or milk a goat and churn it until they produce three ounces of butter.

Brooke and Robbie decide to milk the goat, but first must catch a goat. This proves to be a challenge in itself.

Robbie’s afraid of the goat, so Brooke takes care of the milking while he holds it still.

When they finally produce enough milk to churn it, Robbie takes over.

By the time they churn enough butter and move on, they’re in sixth (next to last) place.

When the challenge is completed, they must drive to find their next clue, which brings them to the road block. One person from each team must navigate zip lines and bridges strung across the expanse between mountains. In the middle of this course, they’ll find puzzles that they must complete before advancing.

Brooke takes the challenge, but is terrified by it. She has to keep reminding herself that she’s wrestler in order to get through it.

When she gets to the puzzle, it takes her a bit to realize what she’s supposed to do. She struggles with it for some time before finally figuring it out and moving on.

When all of that is done, they’re in fifth place. They head for the leg’s pit stop: Casbah D’if.

At this point, Brooke and Robbie halfway through the race. They live to race another day!


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November 7, 2014
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Untitled have recently released a shirt related to Brooke and Robbie on their time on The Amazing Race. You can support “Team Bro” on The Amazing Race (or anywhere) by purchasing the shirt HERE.

In Brooke’s latest video blog, she showed off the shirt. Check out the video below:

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November 1, 2014
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This week, the teams fly to Morocco.

When they arrive, they must scour a vast square to find their next clue.

Their next challenge requires them to help a vendor to set up shop in a food cart. They must cart out the entire shop into the square and assemble it by hand. The “carting it out” part proves to be a challenge in itself, as it’s extremely heavy and unwieldy. When they finally get the pieces assembled, they set out the food. Brooke and Robbie lay out eggs, which Brooke fears are too warm to be unspoiled. Brooke and Robbie finish the task in third place and head to the Bab Debbagh tannery, which houses a roadblock.

One member of each team must pull hair from goat hides and deliver three prepared bundles of hides by bike to a cobbler. When the shoemaker has enough leather to make slippers, they can head back to the tannery to grab their next clue. Brooke takes the challenge, but she’s unprepared for the stench of the place. She doesn’t have nice words, claiming that the challenge is one of the grossest things she’s ever done in her life.

Brooke gets the hides prepared and loads them on a bike, but like her fellow racers, has trouble finding the cobbler’s shop. All lost, they end up in a large group and find the shop at the same time. Then it becomes a race to make it back to the tannery, where they grab a clue and head to their next detour.

They’re given the choice between performing Moroccan Ganawa music and dance or transporting a tea set and serving mint tea in the traditional, precise fashion. Brooke and Robbie choose the tea challenge and carry the heavy equipment through the streets.

Their first, second, third and fourth attempts are a failure, as Brooke doesn’t pour the tea high enough. It becomes clear that the teams need to watch the demonstration more closely to master every element of it. They finally realize their problem and finish the challenge, but at this point are near the back of the pack in 6th place. When they are given the option to give a team a U-Turn, they choose not to.

Al Matjar carpet shop, which is the pit stop for this leg of the race. Brooke and Robbie make it there in 5th place and live to race another day!

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November 1, 2014
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The racers are at Shetland Island near the North Sea with 18 teams still in the race. They are on a sandy strip of land and Misti and Jim are in the lead. They are instructed to take a 13 hour ferry ride then a flight to Copenhagen, Denmark. #TheDentists still have their save available. Adam and Bethany are second and Keith and Whitney are third. TheDentists head to an internet kiosk to book their flight while they have time to kill before the ferry.

The second and third place couples head to the ferry office and are also told there is no travel agency but they don’t have time to do what TheDentists did. #TheCyclists, #TheWrestlers and others also arrive at the ferry. The others realize they have to look for a travel agency which doesn’t open til 9 am. The ferry docks at seven. They are hoping they’ll all be even but TheDentists hope they have an advantage. #MomDaughter, #CollegeSweethearts and others head to a travel agency while others head directly to the airport to buy tickets.

They park and a tech checks their gauge and he says they were very fuel efficient. They get their detour clue. They are back to Copenhagen for this mission. They have to choose a garden or living room setting and build a street scape within 30 minutes. If they run over, they have to start over. We learn that 50% of locals commute by bike. The other option is to build a cake and deliver it by bake without destroying it to a restaurant.

Some of the others arrive at their cars and start their drive. Some of them look to definitely be driving too fast to be fuel efficient.

Robbie of #TheWrestlers asks if Sweden is a whole different country. Duh.

TheWrestlers show up to the bakery then the #SoulSurfers and #TeamNashville. Robbie is worried about the bike they have to ride to deliver.

#TheWrestlers are getting the warning bell from other cyclists. #SweetScientists have about 10 minutes left and #TheDentists have 25 minutes to go. #Nashville and #SoulSurfers show up and they are happy to see the two dentists there. #TheWrestlers arrive with their cake and set it down and they check out. They head back to the bakery for their next clue. The scientists get theirs right with time to spare and that puts them in second place. They grab their clue and take off.

The Wrestlers are now in third and the soul surfers are told to try again. Team Nashville gets the thumbs up but the dentists are still struggling. They are missing one small thing to do with a planter and gardening gloves but just aren’t seeing it. They give up and decide to go try the cakes. Bethany is surprised. They actually had the same mistake – the flower pot needed to be tipped up and it looks like they caught it.

Kym and Alli come in first and they each won a Ford hybrid. The scientists make it to the sandwich shop followed by the wrestlers who say they have nothing upstairs and that it will be a struggle. The college sweethearts show up to the parking space challenge. They still have a problem with their flower pot. Mom and daughter show up to start their challenge and are thrilled. The dentists make it to the bakery and they are confident they can knock this one out.

Keith and Whitney make it to the sandwich shop. The scientists are struggling there. Robbie messes up again and has to go back. Maya forgets and walks away. Misti and Jim head out with their cake. She sits to hold the cake and he pedals but finds out it’s not easy. They lost a flag on the street! Maya finally gets her last sandwich correct. The customer teases her and says it’s the wrong sandwich but says she’s kidding and Maya falls on the floor in relief.

Robbie finally gets his last one and he’s thrilled. Whitney gets her last one and they head out too. The soul surfers flip their flower pot, get it right and are in 5th followed close by the college sweethearts. The dentists show up to the restaurant. They come in with the cake. The woman counts layers and then says she can’t take the cake. They ask if it’s missing something. She tells them to go back to the bakery – they head back to get their flag.

Mom and daughter argue over the living room set up. The Wrestlers make team two at the checkpoint and then Keith and Whitney are there for a solid third place. The Dentists get their flag and head back. They are trying to finish but know if they are last, they can use the save. In fact, they are in seventh place as of now. Te Jay is a waiter and says he can do the sandwich challenge. Mom and daughter get their parking space approval and they are still in last place.

Amy and Maya show up to the checkpoint for an official fourth place. Te Jay goes quickly and they take off. Misti does it for the dentists while Adam does it for the soul surfers. Bethany tells him to take his time. Misti gets hers wrong and is annoyed. Mom and daughter show up and so it’s all neck and neck now. Adam finishes up and that puts them in sixth. Misti is struggling. Jim tells her to relax. The college sweethearts get their official fifth and Phil gets loved on by a giant Great Dane hound that tries to smooch him.

Shelley and Nici get their pass and run out happily. Misti tries a fourth time and fails again. Jim says it looks like the save will burn tonight. Adam and Bethany get lost on the way to the check point and so do the mom and daughter. They swap for her daughter to drive after they argue. Her mom lets her drive past the check point on purpose! Misti realizes what she was doing wrong was not saying the sandwich number first. It takes her nine times to get it right.

Shelley and Nici show up for sixth place but both are in a bad mood. Nici walks away annoyed having a #MatMeltdown. Phil says to be a grown up and talk it out. Nici says she can’t win when her mom doesn’t want to win with her. Adam and Bethany are thrilled to hear they’re in seventh. Jim hands over the save but Phil says it’s a non-elimination leg. Jim says he has lost all confidence and says it’s humbling how badly they screwed up today.

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November 1, 2014
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The nine teams are in Scotland and must go to the Shetland Islands, Keith and Whitney are looking for the train station; many of the teams are making it kind of late. Michael fell and hurt himself; his ankle is pretty sore, Kym and Alli thinks the other teams are boring; they decide to go to a pub while waiting for a train. All the contestants are on the train now and arrive in Aberdeen Scotland. Michael’s ankle is pretty sore still and he’s having trouble walking, Misti and Jim are in the lead. The teams are now in a boat to Shetland island.

The teams make it to the Life boats and find the puffin with their first destination which is a castle, they are looking around inside and find a guy in the dungeon with an axe and dog; they find their first detour to cut and deliver cut dry peete or build a viking torch.

Keith and Whitney decide to pony up, like many other contestants thinking it might be the easiest. Many of the teams arrive and are kind of struggling with it because it’s far harder than any of them anticipated.

All the teams are at the viking torch detour and a lot of people are struggling so hard to fit the standards of the people their. Misti and Jim finish fisrt and put the pony full of peete; they struggled to climb the hill with the pony because it started to refuse to go further.

Many of the ponies are no coperating with them, showing a lot of fight to go back up the hills. Misti and Jim are in first place, they have finally finished the detour. Brooke and Robbie are having a horrible time with it; they are struggling so much since they really don’t get what they have to do.

Brooke and Robbie are at the last part now, trying their best to catch up to everyone else; Tim and Te Jay are the first to arrive with their torch. Next up Misti and Jim find that they have to help make the sheep get into their pens as the next challenge.

Other teams are arriving, but Misti and Jim already finish to now go to the pit spot; they already figured out where they have to go next. Shelly and Nici are really struggling; Misti and Jim are the first team to arrive to the pit stop. Brooke and Robbie finally arrive to the sheep herding, which they are having a hard time with as well. Kym and Alli are trying their best, but the sheep are being pretty sassy. Adam and Bethany are team number 2. Amy and Maya went to the wrong place, they are completely lost.

The teams are all now heading for the pit stop, the last team is sadly Michael and Scott; they have been eliminated from the race. They are pretty happy about this journey, they are disappointed they were knocked out because of sheep.

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November 1, 2014
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Misti and Jim are the first team to depart for London, England. There, they must go to the Tower Bridge. Although they’re the first team at the airport, nothing is open yet. The rest of the teams tried to catch up to make the first flight, which would only accommodate six teams.

The teams to make the first flight are Misti and Jim, Kym and Alli, Timothy and Tee Jay, Brooke and Robbie, Maya and Amy, and Beth and Adam.

Once off their flights, the teams hopped into taxis and raced to the bridge. There they found the next clue that sent them to a detour. They can either choose to preform a traditional changing of a guard or take part in a pancake race.

The teams that chose the “About Face” guard challenge are Misti and Jim, Timothy and Tee Jay, Kym and Alli, Brooke and Robbie, Maya and Amy, and Shelley and Nici.

Brooke starts to panic when she realizes that her and Robbie are the last team there. It takes them many more attempts before they successfully complete the detour. They probably could have finished the challenge a lot quicker if Brooke hadn’t been so focused on what the other teams were doing.

The next challenge, “Drop Back and Punt,” where one team member must propel the punt boat one lap with the team around the water channel. They also have to be sure to stand on the proper ends of the punt boat. Brooke & Robbie end up being from last place to 7th place after they surpass Amy and Maya & Dennis and Isabelle.

With no surprise to anyone, Beth and Adam complete the second leg in first place, which wins them a trip to Sweden.

The remaining teams comes in the following places:

2nd place: Misti and Jim
3rd place: Kym and Alli
4th place: Keith and Whitney
5th place: Tee Jay and Timothy
6th place: Scott and Michael
7th place: Brooke and Robbie
8th place: Amy and Maya
9th place: Nici and Shelley
Last place: Dennis and Isabelle

As the team in last place, Dennis and Isabelle are eliminated from the The Amazing Race.

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September 27, 2014
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Amazing Race season 25 starts with 11 new teams. Adam and Bethany are newlywed surfers. Bethany is the famed surver that lost her arm to a tiger shark. Next is Amy and Mia, food scientists from Wisconsin that study candy and ice cream. Yum! They want to show the world how cool scientists are. Dennis and Isabelle are an accountant and model that are dating. They are both Asian, Cambodian and Vietnamese whose parents aren’t happy. Brooke and Robbie are pro wrestlers that are dating.

Keith and Whitney are engaged and from Nashville. They met on Survivor. Kim and Allie are NYC competitive street cyclists that call themselves adrenaline junkies. Lisa and Michelle are sister realtors from Miami. They are looking to rely on their looks. Michael and Scott are Massachusetts fire fighters who helped out after the Boston attack. Tim and Te Jay are a pair of college sweetheart dudes. One’s mom is in denial about him being gay.

Shelley and Nici are mother-daughter flight attendants. They say they are often mistaken for sisters. Misti and Jim are married dentists from South Carolina. They look like a golden couple but he’s kind of scary looking. They are at the crossroads of the world – Times Square – in New York City. There are past Amazing Race competitors there along with a ton of fans. Phil says it’s the 25th anniversary (technically not true – anniversary means year – it’s the 25th season, but not year).

He tells them that for the first leg, if you come in first place, you get a save that can bail you out of a later loss. Phil sends them off and they go running. They rush up the stairs and grab their first clue. It says to start where the last race ended. It’s the Globe at Flushing Meadow Park. They scramble for taxis. Dennis and Isabelle are in firstplace. The race is on. Adam and Bethany #SoulSurfers are in first and get the clue that sends them to St Thomas and tells them there are only room for five teams on the first flight.

They get to JFK and try to figure out where to check in. Tim and Te Jay #CollegeSweethearts beat them to the counter and move to first place. Dennis and Isabelle #TheDatingCouple also dash in and get the next spot on the flight. Bethany and her sweetie finally get a clue and land the third spot. #TheDentists get the fourth slot and #TheCyclists land the fifth spot.

#SweetScientists #MomDaughter #MiamiRealtors #TheWrestlers #TheFirefighters and #TeamNashville are on the second flight. They are all en route to the Virgin Islands where they have to catch a sea plane flight. The first flight lands and they scramble. The cab driver is excited to get them there first. They head to Vendor’s Plaza. The surfers and the dentists are on the first flight. The first five  teams all make it there and get signed up on the list.

The first sea plane lifts off then the second. Everyone is gunning for the win to get the save. At the airport, the second flight lands and they all scramble for cabs. Two teams share. Flight three takes off at the sea plane harbor. The firefighters are furious that the pen is yanked out of their hand and their name went lower on the list. The first sea plane is landing. They hop off and race to face the first challenge.

Phil is there and says they have to climb a cliff and then jump two stories down into the ocean to grab a clue from the water. They work up the cliff and Bethany is rocking with just her one arm like a champ. The first team makes their #LeapofFaith – Tim and Te Jay then the surfers also make their jump. They get a clue saying to head to Blackbeard’s Revenge – a pirate ship.

Michael and Scott are waiting on sea plane after sea plane since they were bumped. Tim and Te Jay get a clue from the pirate and are directed to some small rowboats and have to pull themselves along a rope. The surfers are right behind them. They get to the beach and find a #Roadblock. The roadblock forces you to use a liquidcompass to navigate and dig up buried treasure. They are struggling to figure out how to use the compasses which don’t work like you think they would. You have to tilt them toward you rather than holding them flat.

The cyclists and dentists get their bottles. That puts them in third and fourth place. The wrestlers, realtors and scientists are on their sea plane. On the beach, the cyclists are clueless and starting from the wrong post. No one can figure out the compass. Jim, the dentist, decides to do it on his own because his wife says he’s super smart. He’s also holding it backwards. Then he uses the compass on his watch and realizes the compass isn’t what they thought. He lets Adam in on this, but probably should have kept it to himself.

The firefighters are finally on the plane and are psyched. They are with the wrestlersand in last place. All the teams on the beach are still struggling. Jim gives Tim and TeJay some help too. But he quickly finds his chest and brings it to the beach. It tells them where to find the first pit stop – Fort Christian where Phil waits for them. The last team will be eliminated. They head off and the others wish them luck. The last two couples haven’t even made it to the pirate ship yet.

The dentists are in their taxi headed to the pit stop. The ones that have been on the beach for a while are panicking when more and more teams show up. The last two teams are almost ready to cliff dive for their clue. The wrestlers grab theirs and are on the way and the firefighters are in last place. At Fort Christian, Misti and Jim come in first and get #TheSave. Phil says it’s the most powerful prize they’ve had.

The rest of the teams are now at the beach but all are floundering because they are clueless about how the liquid compasses work. They are just wandering around, digging and clueless. Once says the sun sets in the East and rises in the West. Tim and Te Jay finally find theirs. That puts them in second place.  The wrestlers find theirs next and are in third. The cyclists turn theirs up then the surfers. The flight attendants are still utterly lost.

Tim and Te Jay make it to the Fort for an official second place. Mom finds hers. The firefighter and realtors are still floundering. Kym and Alli get their official third place and Brooke and Robby the fourth. Adam and Bethany take fifth. The Nashville couple and firefighters are still stuck. Amy and Maya take sixth place. The sun is going down on the beach and they are exhausted. Dennis and Isabelle take seventh and Nici and Shelley are in eight.

The three last teams are now digging around in the dark and are frustrated. We see that all three teams are about a foot away from their treasure chests. Team Nashville takes the four hour penalty and then tries to convince the others to also take the four hour penalty and then race to the end. They all talk and the Miami Realtors are also ready to take the penalty. The Firefighters agree and they all run for it and bribe the cabbies with higher fares to get them there.

It’s a race to Fort Christian. The Firefighers slam the door on the realtors and take a cab since they stole the pen from them. The Miami Realtors end up being last therefore they’re eliminated off the show.

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September 19, 2014
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Check out this preview of CBS’ upcoming Amazing Race which features our very own Brooke and wrestler-boyfriend Robbie. Get ready for the Season Premiere at 8/7C on Friday 26th September only on CBS!